We all have an interest in keeping our lakes clean, our area beautiful, and sustaining the amazing quality of life we enjoy here — now, and for generations to come. On this page, you'll find various programs, initiatives and volunteer opportunities that directly contribute to these goals. We hope you'll choose to get involved; it's a great way to do good work, meet some wonderful people, make a real difference, and have a lot of fun in the process. 

Iris Update

In the lakes study (see section below), it was reported that we had one invasive species of concern currently present on our chain — the yellow iris. Led by the hard work of Gary Engstrom, the TLCA board has embarked on efforts to educate our membership, identify the sites, and effectively remove the species. The PDF above will provide you with an update on our progress. Thank you all for your continued concern and diligence!  

Turtle Chain Lake Management Plan

The TCLA bylaws establish that our top priority is preserving and replenishing the fishery, preserving the quality of the water and watershed, and improving the general ecology of the lakes. To that end, the TCLA has partnered with the town of Winchester on a Lakes Management Plan, to assess our current status, alert us to any issues (a prime example: invasive species) and create a plan for addressing any issues, should they be identified.


Click on this PDF for the latest, updated report (July 3, 2021).




Please see below for a brief history and the results of the program.

2014:  The Town of Winchester approved a four-year phased lake management plan. The first phase involved Harris and Hiawatha Lakes.


2015:  Phase I.  Harris and Hiawatha Lakes were studied. 


2016:  Phase II.  Birch, Rainbow and Tamarack Lakes were studied. With the Turtle Chain next up, the TLCA members in attendance at the annual meeting overwhelmingly approved our participation in Phase Three.


2017:  Phase III.  A grant application was submitted and approved to help offset study costs. Study underway of entire Turtle Chain of Lakes by Onterra, LLC. 

2018: The final report was completed! These PDFs contain the results: 

2021 CBCW Picnic.jpg


Kneeling (L to R): Nancy Williams, Phil Williams, Darryl Osikowicz. Standing (L to R):Gary Engstrom, Barb Engstrom, Ed Sattersten, Steve Budnik, Jim Hochstetter, Jean Sattersten. 


You can volunteer in two ways: First, by keeping a sharp eye out while boating, fishing, kayaking, hiking along the shore, etc.  The PDFs (below photo) can help you identify both good and invasive species, so feel free to download them and keep them handy!  Secondly, you can also inspect boats for invasive species as they arrive at our boat landings. This volunteer work does require some basic instruction first; please watch this page and special emails from our president regarding upcoming sessions. Please use the CBCW Inspection Report form to record your time.


Once your sheets are filled, please submit them to Emily Heald, Water Program Coordinator at the North Lakeland Discovery Center, or to any of our Lake committee members listed here:

ROCK LAKE:  Steve Budnik and Gary Engstrom

NORTH TURTLE: Laura Giffin and Jim Hochstetter


THANK YOU for your enthusiasm, your involvement, and your time!



If you can spare a few minutes, there are worthwhile and fun ways of getting involved and contributing to the great quality of life we enjoy on the Chain. Please check this page for the latest opportunities to sign up and make a positive difference. Thank you! 

May 29, 2021


Volunteers are needed to help keep our area looking wonderful, and many hands make quick work! We'll park on the gravel of Old O at the junction of New O and Old O. While our focus is County Highway O, if we have enough people, we can also send some to North Star Lake Road and work both sides of the road. Meeting time: 10:45; we should be done by noon. If the weather is awful, we will use Saturday as the rain date. High visibility vests and bags are provided. You may want to bring gloves. Use the button here to sign-up, and please call Laura Giffin with any questions. (920) 279-0182. 

Sign Up Here!

May 30, 2021 - October 18, 2021


Flower boxes on the bridge ("the divide") between North and South Turtle Lakes should be up around Memorial Day. We all love the life and color they provide to all who pass by, and your help is needed to keep them healthy as long as possible into the fall. We're asking for volunteers to sign up for one-week watering duty (you can sign up for as many weeks as you want!) between Memorial Day and mid-October. Please sign up using the button here - and thank you for your help!